Coruscant Disco

Ipanah's Diary 35:08:23

Mining on Ryloth

I’m beginning to like Teemo less and less, and he didn’t start off very high. After our narrow escape from the Empire, we had a lot to do around the ship. I found the closest place to repair and refuel, Ryloth the Twi’lek homeworld. Oz shut down that periodic transmission, but it sent out a burst transmission as he did so. After that was done, Oz, Vaxna and I checked out the ship to see what the horrible Teemo had done to it. Doc Lamarto and Valayne talked with Trex’s Twi’lek prisoner. He didn’t like Hussk around, so Hussk worked on that smell that was permeating the ship.

The ship was a horrible mess, entire chunks had been replace and rewired! They changed out the entire computer core! It looks like they were even running cables to install a second gun turret, but not very well according to Oz. Oz was getting distracted by all the alterations and damage that Vaxna and I split up to finish checking out the ship. We found more damage and lots of extra stuff strewn about. Vaxna found the one escape pod change into a workshop with lots of parts and notably, droid parts. Oz suspects that with a little work, we could make an astromech, R2 unit. I found all of my stuff cleared out of my room! Trex had dumped my whole fleet in a box labled ‘junk’ in the cargo bay! He’d replaced it with a nasty Wampa skin rug. I chucked it outside, I think Hussk claimed it.

The Twi’lek turns out to need our help past just a rescue from Trex the vandalizing jerk. He’s part of a mining operation on Ryloth and just for rescuing us he can offer repairs and refueling for Pintotl; but if our organization would help out with a problem they have he is sure a deal could be worked out. Doc is our company man, he gave the Twi’lek a mostly clean bill of health and a promise to contact the organization one we landed and got some more details.

We set off to Ryloth, and after scanning for any Imperial presence, I landed where our Twi’lek directed me. His crew began checking out our ship with Oz ‘n me keeping an eye on them. Doc and Valyene went to call HQ while Vaxna and Hussk went to sell the sundries that Trex had left in our cargo bays (6000 credits!). We regrouped and went to talk to the mining coalition. We met with a woman who is leading the group. She said that someone had bought up all the land around the mining claim under the guise of ’developing’ it, but nothing was ever done. Well, nothing along those lines. They got plenty of harassment and unexplained accidents. Doc took the deal provisionally and she asked us to run our Twi’lek friend out to the mine to get their moral back up. We broke for the night while they rounded up a speeder truck.

In morning we hopped in the speeder truck and headed towards the mine. It was a nice machine… other than the annoying autopilot that make the first part of the trip boring as anything. Thankfully once we got outside the city a little ways things got more interesting. I got to take over and weave that truck through the rocks. That was great! Until someone shot us and spun out of control, that was awesome! I pulled it through two full 360° spins before gently settling it safely into a sandbank. The front was smoking a bit, but Oz shouldn’t have any problem fixing it.

As the dust settled, a few figures emerged from a cave in the cliff face. They claimed to be Imperial troops and that we should surrender. Yeah, sure they were… I considered shouting at them that they should be the ones surrendering, but I didn’t get the chance. Hussk, Valyene, and Vaxna were hitting them hard. I only got a shot or two in before they were running away back into the cave with their tails between their legs. We collapsed the cave so they couldn’t bug us for a little while. I helped Oz fix up the truck and we were on our way again.

We drove into the mining camp, I can’t call it a town, and the people there all eyed us uneasily. They were all Twi’lek and brightened visibly when they saw our friend that we were bringing back. We consulted in a big tent that they set up for us to figure out what our next move was going to be when we heard a loud crash from outside. Three drunk men (two humans and an aqualish) had driven a large construction vehicle into one of the tents damaging it and the family’s moisture condenser.

They saw us watching and asked if we had a problem with them, then stated that they were going to take our truck. Hussk answered them with a stun grenade. They fell over. The miners didn’t waste any time in collecting them and their armaments. We had a little debate as to our next course of action while Oz fixed the condenser using the radiator of the construction vehicle. The construction workers had a little pre-fab town about five minutes away by speeder, and they might send reinforcements when this group doesn’t report back. In the end it was getting late and we just decided to get some rest. The miners were keeping watch, so we got a little shut-eye.

I woke up when Hussk blew the horn on the construction vehicle. Apparently the construction boss tried to contact his guys over the radio and Hussk had answered. They were apparently on their way. Valayne whipped some of the miners into shape and we all got into positions. Two more construction vehicles showed up soon enough with a total of nine more guys on them. We waited until they crossed the property line and then Hussk and Valyne disabled their vehicles. The two construction vehicles slammed into each other and all the workers got thrown off, sprawling all across the ground.

It was relatively short work after that. They didn’t put up that much resistance and they were shortly dealt with. Afterwards Hussk made a deal with the remaining workers, help haul their prefab town back to the miner’s camp and we’d haul them back to down and let them go. They revealed they had been hired by that jerk Teemo to harass the miners for a decent amount of money. Oz was able to crack their boss’ computer and find two messages that sounded fairly ominous.


Targilnar Atsugami

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