Coruscant Disco

Ipanah's Diary 35:08:21

Trouble in Mos Suuta

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I do not like this dust rock! The very first mission we’ve got with the new crew of course ends in nearly complete and utter disaster! The new crew seems nice enough; there’s Vaxna a Farghul (don’t see to many of those around) specializing in retrieving objects, Hussk a Trandoshan specializing in ‘Life and death’ as he put it once I think, Valayne a Chiss (whatever that is) who specializes in… I’m not quite sure what she seems a bit distant (I’ll have to fix that), and Doc a Ryn who specializes in fixing up people (at the rate we’re going Doc ’n me are going to be getting to know each other a lot better).

Anyway, crappy job. Well, the actual job didn’t go to badly; we landed in Mos Shuuta, did what we came to do and were about to leave when we found out that stupid Teemo the Hutt had stolen my our Tena’s my ship! The system claimed that we were contractors working for Teemo, and he’d locked us down and out! On top of that he ordered some off his Gamorrean goons to chase us through the already sweltering hot streets waving clubs and axes around!

We ducked into the cantina to hide and everybody scattered. Valayne leapt into the rafters, Vaxana sat with a group of customers, Oz dashed for the supply closet behind the bar, Doc slid into the shadows of an empty booth while Hussk got the Twi’lek dancer off the stage into his lap. What the heck, that left me an opening in plain sight. I jumped on the stage and picked up where the Twi’lek left off, it was perfect, I could watch everything from there and be ready for trouble. Then the thugs burst through the door.

They headed straight for Vaxana, but she, Hussk and Valayne got some excellent shots in at them. I went to pull my blaster, but realized I may have gotten a little to into the exotic dancing role. My blaster was laying on the stage amid some of my other attire. I retrieved it while Oz came out from the store room and joined in the fray. Two attacked me after I shot one of them, and I don’t remember much past that other than quite a bit of pain until the noise had calmed down and someone had jabbed me with a stimpak.

The bartender seemed to know who we were and that Teemo was after us. He also told us that those dirty, stinking, stupid Gamorreans had broke my ship! I was all for marching in to Teemo and giving him a piece of my mind! We were now going to have to go to the junkyard to get a part, and hope they had it and that we could afford it. We couldn’t. Apparently Teemo had already put a hold on the only one the junkman had, and the junkman didn’t seem to go for the idea that we were from Teemo here to pick it up. He wanted more that 500 credits for the thing! We didn’t have that kind of money, yet. As usual Oz wouldn’t let me talk some sense into the junkman, so I went outside.

We tossed around a few ideas, but in the end Vaxana walked out of the shop and tossed the thing to Oz. Go Vaxana! To the ship and off this horrible rock! Oz and Vax got the maintenance entrance open to the docking bay. There were two droids standing at the bottom of the ramp to my ship, Vaxana tried to sneak in to scout the lay of the land, when she bumped a spanner from toolbox. The droids noticed her and demanded identification. I rushed in and gave them mine. It is my ship! They alerted the authorities that someone was trying to steal the ship, and told us to wait for them. Good. I figured I’d give them a piece of my mind as well, it was my ship and they knew it! Vaxana didn’t seem as eager to stick around. That is when we noticed the docking clamps were active. They would have to be shut off from the main spaceport office.

The others raced over there to undo the clamps, while Oz and I stayed with the ship and the droids to distract the authorities and make sure to have the ship ready to get out of here the second they got back. After a little bit the docking clamps release and I made a dash for the door. The droids shot me! Can you believe it? I stumbled on the ship feeling a bit woozy, but triumphant. Once I had gotten onto the bridge I’d turn on the power and and we’d be ready to get out of here.

At the top of the ladder I noticed the large gun barrel pointing at me. I also noticed the ugly Trandoshan holding the gun, he smiled, I glared at him. Who did this guy think he was? Waltzing about my ship as if he owned it, I was going to show him a thing or two. He tossed me a pair of restraints and tied me up in my own chair! Well, technically it was the system operations chair, not the pilot’s chair, but that’s irrelevant. On top of that, he just left then! Left me there! As soon as he was gone I started working my way out of his bindings.

The next thing I remembered was Valayne waking me up, and what sounded like someone falling down the ramp. They said it was time to go, and I couldn’t agree more. No one responded at the spaceport office to give me take off clearance, Hussk said they were busy or something and to just take off anyway. So I did, take off was a little shaky, I was still coming around and my head hurt for some reason. Once we were clear (and not blowing up Teemo’s palace for some strange reason), we heard a call for takeoff clearance, and also go no response. Apparently someone had landed in the other docking bay.

We saw the other ship take off from the second docking bay and storm troopers swarmed over the spaceport office. Sounded like something bad had happened to the people in there and now they were after us! To bad for them, we were already on our way out and away. I then spotted another ship on sensors, an Imperial frigate that started spewing out TIE fighters and interceptors. Crap. Hopefully Oz got the hyperdrive fixed. We are going to need it. I’m not letting this happen again. Otherwise, I’m sorry Tena, this business venture may not have worked out and I may not be able to get you your money.

Why does no one ever listen to me?! Now we’re on the Empire’s hit list! Yes, arguably they shot first, but still… I don’t think the Empire is going to care about that. sigh We got off Tatooine, and ran straight into the Empire. They came for us and we ran. I tried convince everyone to not kill the pilots and destroy more imperial property, but no…. three pilots and TIE fighters vaporized. They were shooting at us and the ship… but they were just doing their job? Right? I don’t know. What’s done is done, I’ll have to worry about the repercussions later.

We jumped out to nowhere in space, and I started running calculations to jump again when the control panel began going berserk and a horrible smell permeated the air systems. Multiple alerts came up. Problem one, we’re nearly out of gas. Problem two, we have a load of Wookie skins on board. Problem three, we have a mystery guest aboard as well. People went out in search of our guest and mysterious cargo while I looked for the closest fueling station. Hopefully there is something nearby.


Targilnar Atsugami

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