Coruscant Disco

Ipanah's Diary 35:08:26

Rival Hives

Lesson one, never take a Trandoshan to a fancy party. We spent a few days in Newmeen making sure the miners got settled into their new buildings, then we hauled a load of ryll and Bu’ra’bon back to Nabot. When we got close we could see all sorts of ships landing and unloading, it was shopping time! Before we could get to far though, Vaxana spotted someone watching us, a Kubaz. Oz suggested killing him.

We wandered about the market place for a little while, I got a shiny new ionization blaster and modded up my stun gun for longer range! Now we’ll be ready for anything! Hussk unloaded those nasty pelts, while he and Valayne upgraded their guns as well. Bu’ra’bon took us back to see Myn afterwards and she was happy to see us. She had another surprise, a Bothan by the name of Othar had come to see us. He revealed that Teemo had put out a 50,000 credit bounty on us on the big time bounty hunter network! 50,000 credits! Because he stole our ship and then tried to kill us repeatedly! He should be the one with the bounty on his head! Jerk.

Anyway, Othar had a plan to get us out from under the bounty, and maybe even get that money ourselves. I’m sure he’s no fan of Teemo, who could be? But, this seems a little suspicious to me. On the other hand… VENGEANCE! We need to set an example, show what happens to people who mess with other people’s ships. Hopefully without killing him. Othar said something about disgracing him completely, and doing that may be a fate worse than death among the Hutts.

In short his plan is to mess in the affairs of the Geonosians that Teemo is trying to partner with to get guns. A Duke Dimoc, a rival of Pittock. Othar wants us to find out why Pittock backed out of his dealings and convince Dimoc to do the same. Pittock is throwing a party to celebrate the opening of a new cantina, and he invited Othar’s representatives to do a little dealing.

We talked with Myn a bit after Othar left and she seems to trust the guy. We told her a little about what was going on and she had a cover for us that we needed to cover our cover of being Othar’s arms dealers covering the fact that we are actually wanted bounties. So, we headed for the party with some nasty foodstuffs that Geonosians are always importing. Pretending to being arms dealers pretending to being food dealers we walked into Pittock’s new cantina.

The duke was easy enough to spot, he was the only prominent Geonosian there. There was also a human female in all sorts of fancy attire, a younger male and female human, a male sulistan, a gand, and a toydarian. We introduced ourselves to Pittock, and he came to chat with us soon enough. Hussk and Doc went with him into a private alcove. Oz wouldn’t let me go along. I sat at the table and took in the atmosphere. Vaxana wandered about the room, she talked briefly with the pair of humans. Turns out they’re freetraders from Coruscant. Vaxana convinced them that we were boring.

After Hussk and Doc came back, they said it didn’t go perfectly, but they probably got what we needed. Hussk went to chat up the fancy lady and I was bored so I tagged along. Oz followed me. Turns out she’s researching the Geonosian social structure… and didn’t seem all that interested in talking to us. So me ‘n Oz went to talk some shop with the freetraders. Their names are Wex and Orpa, and they fly the ’Lucky Guess’ a Nova Courier. Between the two of us, we got them to confess that they were running some cargo over to Teemo in the morning, but they’re not big fans of working for him. Also, Wex suggested a hyperdrive upgrade to the Pintotl.

It seems Hussk tried again to talk to the fancy lady without our help this time. I don’t think it went very well (how could it? We weren’t there to help.) He made some fairly rude comments loud enough for all to hear and then headed back to the ship. I got a drink to go and followed, everyone else left as well.

We got back to the ship and the guns Hussk and Doc had ordered for Myn’s group and the company were waiting with a merchant. He took our food as well, but he didn’t look all that excited about it. Othar called and checked in to see how things went, and we filled him in. He said there is a ship heading for Teemo’s in the morning and depending on how things go with Dimoc, we might be able to hitch a ride and give a big surprise to Ol’ Teemo himself.


Targilnar Atsugami

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