Coruscant Disco

Ipanah's Diary 35:08:28

To many Hutts

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I don’t like this miserable dust rock. We got a plan all set out, Vaxna was going to sneak on board the ‘Lucky Guess’ while Doc and Oz went to talk to Wex and Orpa about getting a ride. Apparently Doc outdid himself on the negotiations and got us a ride for dirt cheap. Unfortunately, Vaxna did set off their ship’s alarm while trying to gain access, but we still got our ride. They told us to meet them at 9 in the morning.

In the morning we loaded up and headed to Teemo‘s palace. Oz sent off a message to confuse and hopefully draw out some of Teemo’s goons. There was a slight delay in landing, but we got there and let the unloading process go as normal. Vaxna then took out the turret guard, and the assault began. Valayne, Hussk and me hit the two guards and dropped them before they could sound the alarm. We moved into the cargo area and cleared out the servants that were working the loading bay. We then rushed the communications room, guns a blazing. I learned an important lesson about guns, don’t shot your own hand. It stings.

After we secured the communications center, Oz started slicing through their systems. The rest of us headed for the throne room to have our showdown. Hussk was looking forward to this, that Trandoshan that tied me up in my own ship was there, Kickface. Hussk started a fight at the bar that quickly spread. A Gand, or rather the Gand from the party last night stepped out from behind Teemo with one of those new Gnosian guns and started shooting. We tried to fight back, but between the Gand, Kickface, Teemo and his guards, the fight did not go particularly well. We all got out alive, but it was a real close thing. Hussk carted four of us out of the building on a hover cart. That single action on his part is what save our careers and lives, if you believe the rumors.

They decided to high-tail it back to Ryloth and the resistance. They helped us find a shady doc with some bacta tanks and we recovered a bit. We payed Wex and Orpah 2000 credits for their help at the palace, and payed off the doctor. Our ship fund took a hit but Vaxna donated some of her share to replenish it a bit. We learned that the Hutts had put an assassination order out on us for the attempted assassination of Teemo, which is ridiculous. We sent some of the information Oz got out of Teemo’s system to Duke Pittock and fixed relations with him. After that came the fun part, dealing with the Hutts. Pittock got us a better contact number for us to get information through to Jabba, he believed us and did what he would do with Teemo. He lifted the assassination order and made Teemo pay him much more. As such, Teemo couldn’t afford the Bounty on our heads and had to take it down. So, for the time being, Teemo has been dealt with.

I’m trying to think of what lessons I should take away from this little escapade, other than Teemo is a jerk. Looking back, there was a fair amount of violence, I may need to work on my marksmanship a little. After all, if I can stun the people that are trying to kill us better, some of the others of our group won’t need to kill them quite so much. It’s for their own good. Who should I ask for some pointers though, Hussk? Vaxna? Valyne? Other than that… I’ll have to see if Oz did record that assault on Teemo’s palace and review those vids. We didn’t have much of a plan going in, and I can’t help but feel that things may have gone smoother if we had. The trouble is, I don’t know that anyone in this group is all that well suited for tactics and such. I may just have to take on the role of mastermind…


Targilnar Atsugami

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