Coruscant Disco

Ipanah's Diary 35:09:15

Gun Runnin'

That was an odd couple of days, with Teemo off our backs and no missions coming in from the company, we had some free time on our hands. We debated for a little while what we should do. I wanted to (and still do) run some money over to Tena on Randon for another ship payment. We’ve gotta make another one soon, or she’s going to start wondering. Maybe I’ll have to give her a call before we set off on this latest endeavor. Anyway, the others thought we should work on our own personal contact list, and try to up our reputation a bit.

So, we headed off to Nar Shaddaa to look for some work. I took on a shipment of raw material that was heading that direction anyway, and unloaded it once we arrived to cover docking and gas fees. We spent some time looking around to see if we could find someone that wasn’t a fan of Teemo, and make contact with them. Our second day there we found an Abyssin name Seh’Ruka. He he is not a fan of Teemo, and needed some electronics run to the corporate sector. He mentioned something about avoiding the corporate sector’s checkpoints, so we arranged to meet with the buyer a little bit out of the way.

We arrived with only one minor mishap. There must have been a little bug in our astrogation system, as we landed a little close to a star with an asteroid field. I had to exercise a small amount of skill to steer us clear, but it wasn’t a major deal. We arrived at our spot a day later than we estimated, but we told the buyer to arrive two days later in case we ran into problems. We checked the ship for problems from our run in with the asteroid field, and the buyers arrived the next day. Hussk and Valayne tossed the crates across to the buyer, with only a minor cold weld incident. Our droid, R2FU (as Hussk has named it), cut it free and they sent it across. We then got payed, 20,000 credits!

We swung into the Corporate sector to make an appearance. We upgraded the engines on the ship and Oz picked up some better armor. The place was nice, and the stuff was high quality, but man did you ever pay for it. We also checked for work before heading out, but nothing justified the expense of buying the shipping license we would have needed. So we headed out.

The though occurred to us to see Duke Pittock again and pick up some more of his guns to sell around and see if we couldn’t make a few more credits along the way. We stopped back in at Nar Shaddaa since it was on the way to see if we could line up any interested buyers. We called Pittock and let him know we’d be dropping by and asked if there was anything we could pick up for him. He wanted food, a lot of basic stuff and some more exotic types he had been unable to find. Hussk found a buyer for the guns, so we picked up the basic food (no luck on the exotic stuff) and headed off to Genosis.

We sold him the food, and picked up a bunch of guns. Hussk and Vaylene each picked out one for themselves, the rest we sold to the buyer on Nar Shaddaa. It looks like we’ve officially become arms and food dealers. I thought this would now be an excellent chance to swing by Randon and drop some money off with Tena, and we got a call from the company.

Somone on the Wheel was calling in a favor, and we were being sent to handle it. Apparently they had a lead on the legendary treasure ship, the Sa Nalor. We were to meet with Ream, the president of Isotech, a salvage company. We docked on the Wheel and went to meet this guy. He was nice enough, he told us that he had received a distress probe from the ship that was nearly 20 years old and addressed to his father. Apparently the captain of the Sa Nalor was a friend of his father’s.

The ship was rumored to contain the last valuables of the Seperatists as the Republic hunted them down. It may contain piles of money, weird cybertech, and unknown other technological marvels. Ream wants that tech and any survivors, anything else we find we can keep. On top of that he’ll pay us 12,000 credits and even gave us 3,000 up front thanks to Valyane’s negotiations. The ship has crashed on a ‘middle-of-nowhere’ jungle, death planet that is only rarely visited by overly ambitions big game hunters called Cholganna.

He also said that new of the pod had escaped, so it’s best not to tell anyone anything and to watch out for spies. We would also be accompanied by an older droid that had belonged to his father and knew some of the crew members of the Sa Nalor. Hussk, and Valayne went to gather supplies and stories while Oz and me checked out the probe, and Vaxna scouted around for spies and tails we didn’t want. Now we’re just waiting for the droid to show up so we can ship out. I’m sure everything will go fine.


Targilnar Atsugami

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