Coruscant Disco

Ipanah's Diary 35:09:22

Investigations in the Jungle

We got a call from Ream’s sister telling us the droid would be arriving soon and where to pick it up. All of us marching around the corridor would have looked awful suspicious, so Doc, Valayne, and Hussk went to collect it while Vaxna, Oz and me stood guard over the ship. Nothing much happened around the ship, but the pick-up team must have had some excitement. They brought the droid back with a restraining bolt and were in a hurry to leave the station. So we headed out.

After a quick discussion, we decided upon the faster, slightly more tricky route of heading straight to Cholganna , instead of the longer trade route. Oz worked out a course with no problem… other than it dumped us right in the middle of a dust cloud inside the nebula. We were flying blind, and that’s when a big rock hit us! Luckily this crew has an ace pilot behind the controls and she was able to gracefully slip the ship between those asteroids like they weren’t even there. It wasn’t more than a few moments before we had cleared the asteroids and the dust cloud with the planet dead ahead. Oz did a great job of tweaking our sensors to account for that nebula as well. Valayne has the makings of a decent copilot as well.

We scanned the surface and found spots of debris scattered around. With our readings we narrowed it down to a 60km circle on the planet. Within that area we picked up a very intermittent beacon from an escape pod. It seemed like the best place to start. I set us down, and we all went out for a look. It was an escape pod that landed in a ravine. There were two skeletons outside and a lot of little green bugs with stingers at least a 1/4" long. They had made a nest inside the pod. Hussk lobbed a stun grenade right into the hatch and they all dropped. He finished them off while we investigated.

It turns out the pod had held three people who didn’t want to die for the captain’s greed. They also mentioned some lady named Pretalla who had been scheming against the chancellor. The third member of the pod’s crew didn’t fair any better than his companions. He was still sitting at the controls, it look like he died on impact. I guess he wasn’t as good of a pilot as he thought he was. We recovered the flight recorders, extracted their conversation from the main computer and headed back to the ship. The droid was happy that we found something.

With the data from the flight recorder we could pinpoint better where the actual ship came down. We searched along the possible corridor until we spotted the back third of the ship. It was actually kinda picturesque. It looks like their had been a river flowing over a cliff down into the major river valley of the planet. When the The Sa Nalaor crashed the back section had broken off and landed right on top of that river on the cliff edge. The water had pooled up behind it to make a little lake, and the river had worked its way through the ship and was now pouring out of the engine exhaust ports.

I found a place to land again. Oz and I stayed with the ship to keep an eye out while the others went searching. They found some kind of crude boat that had been used in the past few weeks. They didn’t want to expose themselves on the water like that, and getting around the lake would be treacherous, so they decided upon the safer option of jumping out of the space ship while I held it in place over the engine remains.

They repelled down the lines without to much trouble, except for Valayne. I had to save her before she tumbled off the cliff. It may have been a small bit my fault, but those wind gusts can be really strong and unpredictable. They spent the next three days searching around inside that engine, and didn’t turn up to much. Mainly they discovered that someone has been here fairly recently stripping the place out. They all came back with various bumps and bruises every day. Oz and I circled the area looking for the rest of the ship, it couldn’t have gone to far without it’s propulsion systems. We spotted something odd that could be it.

Once they had finished searching the engine, we headed over to the odd thing that we had found. It was big and metal, but we couldn’t get any kind of visual on it. I landed us in a perfect landing pad… and now that I write this, that seems odd. The place actually looked like it was regrowing from some kind of burn-out. Did they build a ship and take off?

Anyway, we trekked down to the place with the odd readings and found the rest of the ship. it seemed pretty deserted. There were the remains of a camp, but it looks like most of it had been carried off. I thought it would be logical to stay near the ship if you were hoping for rescue, of if you had to move then you would leave a note to let your rescuers know where you went. If you were going to do that, the logical place would naturally be on the bridge of the ship. So we made our way up there.

Along the way we had to go through a security room. Valayne found a vibroknife. Up on the bridge, we found the place gutted. No note either. I did however find a holoplayer in a sealed compartment. It played back what looked like the impact of the ship hitting the planet. The captain threw himself on a woman to protect her as they collided with the planet. I brought the disk along. While debating what to do next, we decided we should check the hold for anything that hadn’t been scavenged. This was supposed to be a legendary treasure ship after all. It was getting late, so we camped in the security room where were could seal the bulkhead doors around us.

Good thing to, during the night something attacked the one door. It dented the metal and nearly tore through the door. We decided to wait it out, and didn’t hear anything else during the night. There was nothing there in the morning, but a lot of scratch marks, deep in the metal. We found one of the cargo holds and discovered that most of the supply crates had been opened and emptied. There were quite a few secured crates in a locked cage.

Vaxna tried to get the cage door open, but the lock was being difficult. Hussk opened it quickly with his new genosian gun. Vaxna did get one of the crates open and it was filled with credit chips, probably around 50,000 credits worth. Unfortunately, they were all old republic credits, worthless. We decided it was time to get back to the ship. I wanted my bed again… somewhere farther away from big clawed critters…. like in orbit. We could fill in the droid on what we found and bring him along in the morning.

Unfortunately, as we approached the exit of the ship, three large creatures blocked out path. Nexu, cybernetically enhanced nexu. Crap.


Targilnar Atsugami

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