Coruscant Disco

Ipanah's Diary 35:09:30

To the rescue!

Those overgrown, cybernetically enhanced kitties packed a mean punch, Hussk found that out first hand. Luckily my ion blaster seemed quite effective against their enhancements. It wasn’t long before they turned tail and ran away. Hussk finished one of them off as it turned to run… then he ate part of it. I can’t say I wasn’t tempted to join him, killing it was unnecessary, but since it was dead, some part of me was sad to let it go to such a waste. That must be the ancestral Torgrutian hunting instincts kicking in.

We returned to the ship and filled in IT-3C with what we had found. He was startled by the creature’s head that we had brought for study, but confirmed our quarries from the video recording we had found. We set watch then and bedded down for the night.

First thing in the morning, we got an alert that we had visitors. A man approached from the river on the back of a large creature. two more of the creatures came laden with three old battle droids on each. Those two were being guided by Aqualish. The man was our Captain that we were looking for. Doc, Valayne and Vaxna went out and talked to him and he invited us back to his camp.

The creatures were slow, and the ride took forever to cross the river. Luckily I got to chat up our Aqualish driver before he said he had to concentrate and couldn’t talk anymore. We arrived at the survior’s camp and it was a nice camp… I guess. I’m not sure if I’d want to be hiding there for 20some years, but to each their own I suppose. Some of the people seemed a little unhappy with the Captain’s regime. It became more apparent when we were brought into the main building of the camp and everyone came in with us. It looked like it was going to be a big meeting, until Hussk started talking.

The captain and the cyberneticist took us aside and we tried to explain the state of the galaxy. They still seemed a little uncertain as to what they wanted to do. There was a lot of talking and trying to convince people that Cholgana wasn’t the safest place to live. Valyane offered to take the cyberneticicst back to her homeworld out in the middle of wild space, and they were trying to convince the captain that we could hook him up to the rebellion when the empire attacked.

It was an imperial scout ship, and it launched seven speeder bikes armed with a ridiculous arsenal. Oz took off in a speeder bike to get the ship without me. Good initiative on his part, but I probably would have been more help at his side. As is was the speeder bike troops fired repeatedly upon the defenders on the walls.

The leader of the troops tried to parlay… Hussk put an end to that quickly. The troopers did not take to his response kindly. It was a harrowing fight, and there wasn’t much I could do as they were out of range of anything I could have thrown at them if I had wanted. So, I tried to get one of the disabled speeder bikes running like Oz did. I did not have the same success that he had. I did figure out how to turn a speeder bike into a frag grenade though.

In the end, we held out long enough for Oz to reach the ship and come rescue us and the remaining survivors. We got both the captain and the cybertechnition, along with enough people to fill up the cargo holds. The imperial ship took off with a few of the troops and their wounded leader.


Targilnar Atsugami

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