Coruscant Disco

Ipanah's Diary 35:10:17

Where to begin? I know! Right where I left off! We rescued most of the survivors the the nasty jungle planet. They were packed on the ship like, something that gets packed very tightly in a container. Oz reported in that he had everyone secured and we left the planet not to far behind the Imperial Scout. We decided that it would be best for that ship not to get back to report what it found, but some of us were against outright killing them. So, we planned to disable the ship and force them to land. We know people can survive down there, we’ve got a hold full of them.

That did not go as planned. We went in, and flew circles around each other, they shot us and we made a pretty light show for them before decided we’d better get the heck out of there. They let us go. We made it to Troiken, the last world on the trade route, but the survivors thought it worlds better than our cargo hold after a week of traveling. We let them off, restocked, resupplied, and took of for our meeting with Ream on his salvage planet.

After a few minor astrogation navigation miscalculations we arrived at Raxus Prime. Apparently the Empire uses this place as it’s official scrapyard. And Ream’s company outpost is hidden somewhere on it. Terrific. We sat out far enough to watch the patrols and learn their pattern before attempting a run. While we were doing that, a ship dropped out and sent a message to the station before slamming directly into the planet.

Oz decoded the message and found it was a general announcement that the ship was from some corporation and was crashing here for salvage as per their contract. That seemed like a good way to get onto the planet without arousing to much suspicion, well except the slamming headlong into the planet part. Oz put together a message and R2 sent us toward the planet, just to make sure it looked like a droid was piloting the ship. Once we entered the atmosphere and got out of their sensor range, I pulled us out of the dive and gave us a bit of a bumpy landing on the trash covered surface.

This planet is the pits. It might be worse than Tatooine. It’s all garbage and toxic waste. I had to keep the ship low and weaving about the unstable piles of trash to stay off the station’s sensors, we had some closer brushes with the terrain than I’d like, but we made it mostly unscathed.

Ream’s outfit, Isotech, has a hidden base built into a mountain of wrecked starships. they contacted us and we told them we were the Sal’nalor crew with a delivery. They let us land behind their camouflage curtains. We were met by a welcoming crew who wondered who we were here to see exactly. We told them Ream himself, they took us to see Norma, a rodian who introduced himself as Isotech’s manager on Raxus Prime.

The boss couldn’t come see us, as he was swimming in a bacta tank after an attack on his offices at the Wheel by a rival company. Doc went to verify the story, and gave the okay. We turned over the records we had gotten from Cratala and told him about the survivors, except Cratala herself. He gave us 2,000 credit for the job and took us on the tour of his facilities. He offered the facilities services if there was anything we wanted while he saw to repairs to the ship, we got our second turret on order and we’ll probably swap out the twin laser for another quad. Assuming we can get a little more cash together.

Since it’ll take a few days, he offers to lend us a skiff to go out salvaging, they had some things they are looking for would buy from us if we found them. We went out two days, and were mostly successful in locating some of those items. Granted the first day cost us a cleaning bill, and day two we had to hide from some imperial probes scanning the area.

On day three, Norma said a trade group of Jawas had arrived and set up a bazar if we wanted to check out what they had. Hussk, Lamarto, and Oz went to see what they had. Apparently they had a bunch of Rodian’s disguised as Jawas and attacked the base.

The three of them alerted us to the situation back at the ship, just as a ship tore its way through the curtain and dropped of some more Rodians, Sullistans and two Trandoshans. One of which was the one we had run into at the Wheel. They were trying to get into my ship! We stopped them, and the ones at the bazar. Hussk captured the one Trandoshan for questioning.


Targilnar Atsugami

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