Coruscant Disco

Ipanah's Diary 35:10:20

We Lived!! We could still hear fighting coming from the rest of the base, so Hussk, Vaxna, Valane and Lamarto went to see if they could help. Oz, Cratala and I stayed to protect the ship.

Apparently they headed for the gallery and found a tech holding off a group of the invaders with a couple crates of gernades. They dealt with the problem and brought the unconscious, one armed tech back to the ship.

While they were doing that, Oz was patching up some holes from the repairs and upgrades happening to the ship, just in case we need to take off in a hurry. I started scanning through frequencies to find the base’s network to help out everyone else. I actually found an Imperial channel saying they were coming to investigate out of place blaster fire. We have incomming!

I loaded up the one armed tech while Oz probed around on that channel. They were using a old encryption code, so we could hear everything they said. Oz was even able to confuse their landing coordinates a bit to buy us some more time.

The rest of the crew had gotten into the company’s escape plan, a corvette class capital ship. Unfortunately it was still in need of some necessary repairs. Most of the sublight engines were offline, the Nav system, the turbolift, etc… all in bad shape. Ream’s people were scrambling like mad to get it operational. Oz, Cratala, and R2 rushed over to help.

That left me alone in my ship. My recent experiences in speeder bike repair led me to believe I wouldn’t be much help getting things going over there, and they had pilots. Plus, we couldn’t just leave the Pintotl here, I still owed Tena a pile for it yet. So I stayed and monitored the encroaching Imperial situation.

Twenty minutes or so later, the shuttle arrived with the ground forces. I warned the crew and shot out of that hangar like a mynock that munched on the wrong power cable. The TIE fighters were in hit pursuit and I pushed Pintotl as fast and hard as I could to stay ahead of them, but it couldn’t last.

Luckily it didn’t have to, soon after I took off, the corvette began its ascent. The TIE fighters went into disarray when it fired upon them. I circled back around to cover it and follow in its wake. It was in bad shape, there was a gaping hole and one of its engines was on fire.

Lamarto made the astrogation checks just as the patrol ships closed in. The got off a bunch of shots, tearing away chunks of the hull and knocked the ship off course. The blind jumped to escape, I left as well.

We met up again at the coordinates Ream gave us, a derilict looking freighter. He was happy to have escaped, and the crew had helped a lot to get the ship fixed and launched. He offered to fix up our ship again, install the guns, give it a custom paint job, and even offered to turn our one escape pod into a breech pod. We couldn’t quite find a need for a breech pod, so we talked him into some better armor for us all. He also installed an escape circuit into R2.


Targilnar Atsugami

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