Coruscant Disco

Ipanah's Diary 35:11:17

This will be a bit of a boring entry, only some of us almost died, not nearly all of us. Having satisfied Reom’s favor, we returned to Bespin to report in to the Family. Overlord had us come in for a debriefing and seemed satisfied with the results we had gotten. Doc gave him Cratala’s plans and we decided to let them handle all of the particulars for 50% of the profit. We told him we’re up for some more work, but we have an errand to run that we are still working out some details. He told us to let us know where we were heading and he may have something for us.

Valayne contacted her people and arranged to drop off Cratala on Rattatak. Overlord knew that the gladatorial pits there were always looking for new and interesting weapons. We could make a run up to see Duke Pittock again and buy a bunch of guns, we could sell them there for a nice profit. In the meantime I finally got to call Tena, she’s doing well, and was glad for the 5kcr I sent towards the ship. Valayne had gotten some message as well about a possible lead on her sister, some kind of medical video posted on DarkTube, apparently it had come from Bilbringi.

Knowing the Genosisans, we bought as much food as we could afford for them, and even found Pittock’s fruit. We installed a refrigeration unit into the smuggling compartment to bring it to him. We’re real life smugglers now! Okay, I guess technically we smuggled some stuff when we were working with Thrass, but he always tried to keep me on the outside of that part of the business. Maybe Oz as well, but he might have been in on it more, he doesn’t talk about it much. Gah! Bantha Feces! I should have asked Tena if she’d heard anything about Thrass. Maybe he’s made contact… oh well, next time I talk to her. Hopefully soon.

We flew up to see Pittock again. We sold the food for a decent profit. He was happy to see us again, and even happier when Doc presented him with that fruit. He gave us quite a discount on guns, we packed the Pintotl full. Good thing the company had given us credits, we spent 78kcr on guns! My ship was packin!

The next stop was Rattatak. We said our farewells to Cratala, then made contact with the company contact to sell the guns. He was impressed by the guns and bought them at a nice markup. After the deal he offered us a chance to enter the games on an individual basis for a chance at the 2000cr prize. Hussk was sorely tempted, but in the end we didn’t have time to just sit around and wait for the games to start. We returned to Bespin and turned in the gun money. We got our 5% of the profits plus a 500cr bonus for making such a good deal.

We agreed to head out to Bilbringi to investigate Valayne’s lead and asked Overlord if there was any work to be done out in that area. He could use some ship production information from the various facilities there and that we should take a Slicer along. Doc went to meet the new guy, a Bothan named Zird. Turns out he’s the guy that Valayne got the initial information from! He seems nice enough I guess. We’ll see what happens.

We fly over to Bilbringi and land on one of their orbital platforms. There were a few shenanigans, a trip or two planet-side, buying another gun, and we had the information that Zird was sent to get from the company. We had to plant a transmitter inside the complex to whitelist a signal for Zird to use. Hussk and Valayne track a good gun down planet-side, Oz modified the thing and we hovered outside range while Valayne made an incredible shot. The transmitter was going to miss the target, so she pulled out her other gun and shot the thing back on target! Unfortunately that ripped a hole in her suit and exposed her to the vacuum of space.

Hussk tried to grab her and missed, so I swung the ship around, popped open the bay door and scooped her back up. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to warn everyone and Vaxna happened to be in the bay at the time. She shot out as fast as Valayne came in. I had to loop around again to scoop up Vaxna before closing the doors and repressurizing everything. Doc says they should be fine. Vaxna wasn’t particularly happy afterwards though.

Zird also managed to dig up some more info on the video. We got more info out of the anonymous slicer. It had come from an Imperial medical ship called ‘The Ends Justifies’. Nice. Looks like they may have been doing all sorts of research. They left here two weeks ago, and Valayne’s sister had been alive at that time, even though her vitals had dropped for a few weeks before that. We asked around on the surface to find out some more… I got two invitations back to some shady guys’ apartments… I declined.

Other people had more success. Apparently around the time the ship was around here, the Imperials cracked down a bit and a number of missing persons happened. Could there be a connection? We debated how to go about tracking down the ship, without sacrificing a crew member, or trying to break into an Imperial stronghold. In the end, we decided to see if we could hunt down some Rebel contacts for information and perhaps an exchange of services.


Targilnar Atsugami

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