Coruscant Disco

Ipanah's Diary 35:11:21

Any crash that you can walk away from…is a good one? Is that the saying? That one was rough, but I think it worked as planned. Maybe a little to well. It all started alright, Zird made contact with some rebellion person that went by the name of ‘Mason’. Him and Doc went to the meet while Hussk and I watched from outside in the rented get away car. From what I gather, the meet went well enough. Mason told them that ‘The Ends Justifies’ was last seen at Delle. Figuring we may as well make a business run for cover, we bought some starship metal ingots to sell when we arrived. When it came to plotting a route, Oz had apparently been really bored and was scanning space and found a newly created hyperspace route. As such, we arrived in Delle two days later. ‘The Ends Justifies’ was not hard to find.

It was accompanied by an armed escort frigate, and was getting a near constant influx of supplies. So, after some research and debate, we decided on a fairly simple plan. Step one, hijack the next medical supply ship to fly up to the ship. Step two, hack the ships computers while they are unloading the cargo in the cargo bay. Step three, fly back safe and sound. Simple, right? If only. Hussk got questioned while we were sneaking into the port. Oz got the ship open as clean as could be. Then Doc woke up the captain and got shot before Hussk knocked him out. Me, Zird and Valayne stunned the engineer into oblivion… he was nice enough to unlock the ship for us in the process. From there things went fairly smoothly. We flew up to ‘The Ends Justifies’ without incident and Zird started hacking away. Once the cargo was gone, we headed back planet-side.

Zird told us what he found. The ship was planning on making two more stops before stopping at Lavisar. It holds 500 crew, 235 security personnel and around one thousand patients! That is going to be tricky, but we didn’t have a lot of time to ponder those numbers. We landed back at the port and it wasn’t long before two people came out with some droids to unload the medical waste we brought back down. There was something wrong though, they didn’t behave like workers.

I was just about to do something when they acted. One put a scrambler into the ship’s computer and the other announced them as ISB and we were under arrest. The ship shut down, fiddled with the controls a bit then ran down to help with the assault. They were crowded around the door to the cargo bay looking a little dazed. I charged through, one was down already and I let loose on the second, forcing him to drop his weapon. Hussk came through and dropped the guy. They were both unconscious and the first guy had reported something back on his comm, we had to leave.

I let them to pull out the scrambler and yelled at Oz and Zird to get the ship running again while I raced for the cockpit. Once the controls came to life again, I blasted us out of there, trying to make it look wild and uncontrolled. I narrowly avoided colliding with another ship coming in. After that I made a line for the nearest large body of water I had seen coming in, keeping the ship rolling and looking out of control. Then all I had to do was to hit the water solid but survivable. We needed to be able to walk away, but anyone watching us had to believe this was a wild, uncontrolled, mishap, not an escape. Only three people were aware of our presence here, and it had to stay that way… or less.

We hit the water hard, I actually lost control as just as we hit the water. That landing was a lot rougher that I had hoped. We pancaked out, spun and flipped over. It was not pretty, and when it was over, there was only one person left who had seen us. We popped the cargo doors, lashed ourselves to the buoyant medical crates and floated to the surface. I inhaled way more water than I should have. Oz didn’t fare any better, but we lived. As did the ship’s captain, thanks to Oz. The engineer and two ISB agents died in the chaos of the flight. sigh

We dragged ourselves from the water and left the captain on the shore. Search and rescue would find him, he may have preferred to not have survived. Soaking wet, we made our way into the city where a nice beat cop asked if we were okay. Doc told him that we had been out on a boat when the crazy ship dropped out of the sky. We dragged one guy to the shore, but didn’t want to get involved past that. He accepted the explanation and let us go. We… ‘found’ a pickup and drove back to the ship. We requested clearance to take off and it was granted. We left the planet to figure our next plan before any one could connect any dots.

We decided to head straight for Lavisar and check things out well before anyone else got there. That was when I noticed something odd about the coordinates. They weren’t planetary visiting coordinates, they were out on the edge of the system. It was a place for a out of the way rendezvous or possibly a station. Since we couldn’t find a buyer for our metal here, we figure we’d try our luck there and scope the place out.

sigh Now for the big question, how do I feel about killing three people? At the time, I didn’t really think about it. I knew we had to get out of there, and in a way that wouldn’t draw to much suspicion or leave a trail. The logical side of my brain thinks it wouldn’t have been a bad thing for us if the captain hadn’t made it either. The decent side of me is appalled that I didn’t help Oz drag him out, or fly a little more gently, or… anything. I’m opposed to killing, but lately part of me is thinking… I don’t know. It’s easier? More convenient? Ugh, killing is wrong. I don’t know…


Targilnar Atsugami

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