Coruscant Disco

Oz's Log

Well, that was the second closest we’ve come to all dying.

It started with Vaxna almost getting her leg eaten by a cybernexu (really cool cybernetics, but not worth trading a crewmate’s arm for). That led to meeting with Captain Harsol, which seemed like it might lead to all of us being murdered, and/or to Hussk killing and possibly eating him.

We were starting to make a little progress with the negotiations when the Imperials arrived.

This was the part where I almost got killed.

Hussk and I decided that the Pintotl could make a serious difference here, if we could convince Harsol to let us borrow his speeder bikes to go take a pilot and a gunner down there. He laughed at us, flat out laughed at us while under attack by an Imperial scout ship, and said none of the bikes have worked for years, and we were welcome to any of them we could make work.

Challenge accepted.

These things are way worse than I expected. I mean, serious junkyard. Given a week and some help from R2-FU, I could probably cobble three functional bikes out of the parts, but in the time the Imperials will take to get in here? On the other hand, I’m way more likely to succeed at this than to affect the outcome of this battle with my blaster pistol. So I find the one that looks the best, check the repulsors, get them set to go, and then climb up in the seat to make sure the throttle is connected.

For future reference: Make sure the throttle is off first.

The speeder bike takes off like a spooked mynock from a powered-up freighter.

I aimed for the house mostly because it was less of a fall than hitting the ground. Ipanah maybe could have bounced over the wall on purpose; I was lucky to stay alive. I made it a surprising distance through the woods, dodging trees in the general direction of the Pintotl, and actually made it to the river still approximately in control, with Ipanah shouting surprisingly useful advice over the commlink.

Repulsor fields distort water.

Again, Ipanah would have handled it with no problem. I bounced off, skidded across the water, and slammed into the shore. Lost the commlink somewhere in there, but i figure they still need me, so I get up and run. . . well, stagger-jog. . . my way to the Pintotl. Which turns out to be exchanging fire with stormtroopers.

Nothing for it. Deep breath and start the best sprint I can manage in my current condition, shouting for FU to open the ramp. I think I got shot twice on the way there — really glad I got armor after the last time I almost died — but I made it. FU starts taking us back to the rest of the crew, I start shooting at the stormtroopers from the turret. I was never in a million years going to hurt them, but they weren’t going to do anything to the Pintotl’s armor, either, so they ran off.

That was my near-death. I found out when I got back to the base that Valayne had taken some serious blaster-fire, Hussk was out cold underneath a pile of debris on the outside of the wall, Harsol lost his hand when his blaster blew up, and Ipanah. . . Ipanah tried to hotwire one of the other bikes (“If Oz can fly, then I can fix things”) and basically turned it into a fragmentation mine. While sitting on it.

On the other hand, no one had to be loaded onto a float pallet to get on board the ship. So like I said, only the second closest we’ve come to all dying.


Targilnar kenbrands

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