Trandoshan Hired Gun of the Bodyguard & Marauder Variety

Brawn 3
Agility 3
Intelligence 2
Cunning 2
Willpower 2
Presence 2
Wound Threshold 19
Strain Threshold 11
Soak (w/o armor) 3
Ranged (Hvy) Rank 3
Coercion Rank 2
Gunnery Rank 2
Ranged (Lt) Rank 1
Brawling Rank 1
Perception Rank 1
Vigilance Rank 1
Streetwise Rank 1
Dicipline Rank 1
Trax’s Mom Rank 5
Bodyguard Talents
Hard Headed
Side Step
Side Step
Marauder Talents
Racial Traits
Claws - Add +1Damage to Brawl/Melee. Critical Rating of 3.
Regeneration - Add +1 Wound Healing when Healing 1 or more Wounds from Natural Rest or Bacta Tank.
Regeneration - Can Regrow Limbs. Takes a Month before becoming Usable.

Drinks With Hussk

“Hey rookie! Over here! Take a seat and join me for a drink or five.

So, you’re the new guy, eh? I’m sure you’ll do fine. There’s a lot of opportunity in an organization like this. I mean, hey, look at me. I got a nice, new gig with a freighter. I get to fly outta this dump and see new dives and hellholes… maybe even score a few extra creds here and there. It don’t take long… as long as you follow the rules… that is, my rules.

Huh? Oh, they’re just a few things I picked up while in this business. I’ve been in this scene since adolescence.

What?! Nawwwwww, of course not as a gun for hire.

Gotta work yourself up in this biz. You know that. I started with the small-time, petty stuff like every other neonate. Had to ya know, our mother was real unattached to the clutch.

Our clutch. Huh? A clutch. Like a group of eggs. Clutch. Yeah, we Doshans hatch. All at once. Little group. Clutch.
Crud, where was I? Oh yeah, my mother. She disappeared when we were just old enough to get into trouble. Went to pursue her own ambitions. Just vanished one night, and that was it. Boo hoo, right? Hahahahaha!

That, is a funny story in and of itself. About ten years ago one of Hutts was payin’ big for some guns to ambush some rival smugglers and relieve them of their cargo. I was new to the scene and hungry for some action and real pay so, naturally, I was in.

We jump them right before take-off, round ‘em up, and I get assigned to keep ’em under gunpoint while the others unload. Here I find out mom left home, back in the day, to rejoin her old smuggling buddies! and there’s me… holdin’ a gun on my own mother! HA! Talk about an awkward reunion!

What’s that?

Of course, I made sure not one of ‘em twitched while we took the cargo. You don’t cross a Hutt. Besides, I took it as a way of her making a contribution toward all the things I never had as a youth. Heh heh. Thanks for the Mandolarian ale, glitterstim, and hookers, ma! Those were some crazy nights. -sigh

Rules?! What ru-? Oh, right, my rules. Okay, rule 1…

Rule 1: Never sip your alcohol

I was hired to infiltrate this Twi’lek fixer’s organization. Nothing that big. He had a deal with some local mechanics. They’d sabotage foreign freighters and then he’d have his own ships go out and answer distress calls in exchange for part of their cargo.

Anywho, I went to him for some work, he tested me on some strong arm tactics to keep those mechanics loyal. I did real good so, he had me report back to him in person at his office. Real nice. Very posh. He even pours me a glass of this expensive wine. I forget the name of it.

He goes “This just came in today. I figured since you were most proficient this evening that we might celebrate this new business arrangement by giving you a taste of things to come… should you keep in my good graces. That, and this vintage comes highly praised and I’ve been dying to try it.”

I down the stuff like a shot and he laughs at me. He then gingerly sips it as he leans back in his big comfy office chair sayin’ “Now, now, this a rare treat. You must savor it. But, I can see where the ability to truly appreciate the finer things might be an underdeveloped trait in someone of your……… pedigree.” as he smugly sets the practically full glass down on his fancy, glossy desk. I’m telling ya, it was so glossy I was counting his nose hairs.

I grin real big at this, not because I like being insulted but, because I hit the remote detonator on the modified stun grenade his bodyguards confiscated outside the office. I then nailed him in the chest with a lil one-shot blaster I snuck in. It didn’t fully do the trick but, a couple bounces of his head on that fancy desk of his finished the job.

Y’know, what happens next?

I push his corpse aside… and sit in that comfy chair… and finish off his glass… and take the bottle.
You see, I betcha he paid a fortune for that bottle and he only got one sip. One. Then he died.

You know how easy it is to die in this world? Yeah, real easy.

You never know when it’s going to end so indulge yourself and don’t sip, gulp. It may be your last drink.

Now, of course, that’s a metaphor for a lot of stuff but, you get the picture. When the great hunt is over, make sure you’ve had a gulp of kills, money, slaves, fancy drinks, females, material objects, whatever motivates ya, not a sip. If you take time to sip, a sip may be all you ever get.

Ahhhh, that chair was great too. Heated, the thing was heated. First thing I did with my payoff was buy a heated chair. I may have to rig something on the ship. Gonna be MY chair then. I swear, if I gotta explain that rule to someone, gonna tack their hide on it like a seat cover…
Eh? Right, rule number two. Hmm, oh yeah.

Rule 2: Never trust people who don’t need you/Make sure someone needs you

Usually, this applies to the, um …. casual female encounter. Right? Hee hee. Yeeeeah. Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy a lady’s company. That’d be a violation of rule number one. What I am saying is don’t completely throw caution to the wind when the Quarren waitress finds you the most interesting male in the entire bar. Yeah, still meet her after her shift. But be watchful. I’ll explain-

What? What’s that face for?

What? Quarren? Oh! Pft! Don’t judge. Interspecies is freaky but fun. All part of rule number one.

Woah…You okay? You look a little ill. Take another swig. That’ll fix ya.

I remember this Falleen gal that I met in a seedy gambling hall on Arkanis I. She managed to catch my eye and, when I pursued things, was overwhelmed a little too easily by my charms. I know where I stand with this kinda stuff. I can be… a little rough around the edges. With the classy vibe that was coming off of this Falleen fem and the effort she was going through, to seal the deal, I sensed either something was up or this gal had some serious issues… and I was determined to find out which it was. Sadly, it was the former. -sigh

So we get to her place. Now, many a lady has drugged some unsuspecting chump and took an early leave with his creds. I got me this routine I go through while they go “freshen up”. First the nightstand drawer… nothing interesting. Under the pillow, nope. Under the mattress, and… what’s this… we have a winner. A small holdout blaster. Is that her plan or is it there in case the plan goes wrong? Behind the headboard… hmmm a hypo adhered to the back of the headboard with far too much sedative loaded to be recreational. A swift browse through her bag and I find a recorded holo message with some guy talking about nabbing someone from the organization to learn more about the inner workings. You got it, yours truley.

What did I do?

I took the hypo and stashed it under a pillow. Then, I took one of her perfume bottles and wedged it between the headboard and the wall. Then, I waits.

The blaster?

Naw, I left it alone. I knew where it was and I didn’t know how long it would be until company planned on showing up so, I figured a loaded blaster could come in handy.

A couple minutes go by and she saunters in from the washroom and things get interesting. I make sure to rock the bed a little and, sure enough, the perfume bottle falls. Y’know, the item behind the headboard she thinks is her hypo. The look on her face when she heard it fall was priceless. Haaaahaaaaa! Here she’s trying not to look distracted while I can see the gears turning as she’s trying to formulate a plan. Finally, after a while, she makes some excuse about a fallen earring and how it might have rolled under the bed. Uh, yeeeeeeah, right. So she tips over the side of the bed and I nail her in the ass with the hypo.

Huh? I said WITH THE HYPO! Keep up rookie.

While she crash-landed in dreamland I took her credstick and ordered an offworld flight for two, threw a bunch of her clothes in some luggage, and left. Sure enough, I heard rumors the next day of some gal that got caught crossing a local crime boss to run off with her assigned target. And they say romance is dead! BwaHAH!

You get the idea, though, right? People who need you can be trusted because they need you. Anyone else is an X-factor. They got their reasons for interacting with you but those reasons aren’t always in your best interests.

Part two of this rule is that, despite her questionable, attempted betrayal, that Falleen still lives and works for her boss. I bet there was a crazy reprimand but, she’s still breathin’.


Because she still has skills her boss needs. See how that comes in handy?

On to rule three. It’s gettin’ late.

Rule 3: Always pay just enough to keep your creditors off your back

Never, ever pay a big chunk of money. I knew a pilot who did that once. His payoffs went to his loan guy. He did alright for a while. Big shipment. Big payment. Then he had a shipment fall through.

Lenders notice those big fluctuations. It’s like a big warning light that asks “Hey, is this guy not afraid of you? You think he’s gonna stop paying? Doesn’t he know what happens to folks who stop paying?”

So they broke his ribs… i think they were ribs… something important. That’s not all. You see, when things get tight for crooks, things get tight for everyone who owes them. Rates go up. You gotta expect that. I don’t know who that pilot’s ship belongs to now but, let’s just say it wasn’t sold… more like inherited.

Pay the minimum. Don’t make them expect too much. Your rates… WILL go up. They plan on keeping you and your payments for a while. Pay on time, but pay the minimum that keeps you in one piece. Then, you’ll always have something to throw around for yourself when business is good and that’s what it’s all about. Er, just don’t blow through wads of credits in front of people you owe. That’s a given.

Rule four is really simple.

Rule 4: Shoot first but don’t kill anyone important

When I was still young I saw this gangster stand up to an established crime boss’s family. The crime boss sent one of the family to collect tribute. The gangster upstart sent back their ashes.

The family sent some muscle to avenge him. The gangster sent back their ashes.

Bounty hunter. Ashes.

Hit team. Ashes

Bigger hit team. They torched the gangster and his girl and collected their ashes.

This is simple math. More are coming for you. You might win until they send too many. Then, you will lose. There, may be other factors in this equation but, on our level, this is generally the rule. You can escalate a situation if you need to but, when it comes to folks who will be missed by dangerous people, that is the time to use your blaster’s stun setting.

What now?

Oh, THAT? You noticed.

Yeah, I had a doc do some reconstructive surgery on my middle fingers. A lot of species love to put annoying trigger guards on blasters that get in my way and there’s other tech that just becomes a hassle with the large middle finger. I was just going to have this doc add a little cyber digit of some sort but, he insisted splitting the finger into two would help his research. (See bottom)

I don’t like being a test subject but, it was going to give me something for cheap.

He had some contraband from some Kamino…. Kimono…. Kalmondo… Some top-of-the-line genetic equipment. He offered to split the mid finger and alter it to heal each half as a separate digit. He said my penchant for regrowing limbs would make the experiment a guaranteed success. He went on to say some junk about worms or eels that grow into two that way. I looked at him and said “Hey, we’re still talking about my hand, right?” BWAHAHAAHAA!

Am I right? HAHA! I don’t think he got it. I seem to recall someone saying that he got picked up by some imperial troops. Weird that they’d grab him all the way out here. Dunno what he did. Not sure I want to know. I just know I can count two higher than anyone else on Dosha.

Hey, it’s been good drinkin with ya. I better turn in, though. I meet our pilot tomorrow. Wanna look semi-professional. Cheers."

( Agility raised by two in character creation. I thought this might explain it while adding a unique characteristic.)


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