Coruscant Disco

Ipanah's Diary 35:09:15
Gun Runnin'

That was an odd couple of days, with Teemo off our backs and no missions coming in from the company, we had some free time on our hands. We debated for a little while what we should do. I wanted to (and still do) run some money over to Tena on Randon for another ship payment. We’ve gotta make another one soon, or she’s going to start wondering. Maybe I’ll have to give her a call before we set off on this latest endeavor. Anyway, the others thought we should work on our own personal contact list, and try to up our reputation a bit.

So, we headed off to Nar Shaddaa to look for some work. I took on a shipment of raw material that was heading that direction anyway, and unloaded it once we arrived to cover docking and gas fees. We spent some time looking around to see if we could find someone that wasn’t a fan of Teemo, and make contact with them. Our second day there we found an Abyssin name Seh’Ruka. He he is not a fan of Teemo, and needed some electronics run to the corporate sector. He mentioned something about avoiding the corporate sector’s checkpoints, so we arranged to meet with the buyer a little bit out of the way.

We arrived with only one minor mishap. There must have been a little bug in our astrogation system, as we landed a little close to a star with an asteroid field. I had to exercise a small amount of skill to steer us clear, but it wasn’t a major deal. We arrived at our spot a day later than we estimated, but we told the buyer to arrive two days later in case we ran into problems. We checked the ship for problems from our run in with the asteroid field, and the buyers arrived the next day. Hussk and Valayne tossed the crates across to the buyer, with only a minor cold weld incident. Our droid, R2FU (as Hussk has named it), cut it free and they sent it across. We then got payed, 20,000 credits!

We swung into the Corporate sector to make an appearance. We upgraded the engines on the ship and Oz picked up some better armor. The place was nice, and the stuff was high quality, but man did you ever pay for it. We also checked for work before heading out, but nothing justified the expense of buying the shipping license we would have needed. So we headed out.

The though occurred to us to see Duke Pittock again and pick up some more of his guns to sell around and see if we couldn’t make a few more credits along the way. We stopped back in at Nar Shaddaa since it was on the way to see if we could line up any interested buyers. We called Pittock and let him know we’d be dropping by and asked if there was anything we could pick up for him. He wanted food, a lot of basic stuff and some more exotic types he had been unable to find. Hussk found a buyer for the guns, so we picked up the basic food (no luck on the exotic stuff) and headed off to Genosis.

We sold him the food, and picked up a bunch of guns. Hussk and Vaylene each picked out one for themselves, the rest we sold to the buyer on Nar Shaddaa. It looks like we’ve officially become arms and food dealers. I thought this would now be an excellent chance to swing by Randon and drop some money off with Tena, and we got a call from the company.

Somone on the Wheel was calling in a favor, and we were being sent to handle it. Apparently they had a lead on the legendary treasure ship, the Sa Nalor. We were to meet with Ream, the president of Isotech, a salvage company. We docked on the Wheel and went to meet this guy. He was nice enough, he told us that he had received a distress probe from the ship that was nearly 20 years old and addressed to his father. Apparently the captain of the Sa Nalor was a friend of his father’s.

The ship was rumored to contain the last valuables of the Seperatists as the Republic hunted them down. It may contain piles of money, weird cybertech, and unknown other technological marvels. Ream wants that tech and any survivors, anything else we find we can keep. On top of that he’ll pay us 12,000 credits and even gave us 3,000 up front thanks to Valyane’s negotiations. The ship has crashed on a ‘middle-of-nowhere’ jungle, death planet that is only rarely visited by overly ambitions big game hunters called Cholganna.

He also said that new of the pod had escaped, so it’s best not to tell anyone anything and to watch out for spies. We would also be accompanied by an older droid that had belonged to his father and knew some of the crew members of the Sa Nalor. Hussk, and Valayne went to gather supplies and stories while Oz and me checked out the probe, and Vaxna scouted around for spies and tails we didn’t want. Now we’re just waiting for the droid to show up so we can ship out. I’m sure everything will go fine.

Ipanah's Diary 35:08:28
To many Hutts

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I don’t like this miserable dust rock. We got a plan all set out, Vaxna was going to sneak on board the ‘Lucky Guess’ while Doc and Oz went to talk to Wex and Orpa about getting a ride. Apparently Doc outdid himself on the negotiations and got us a ride for dirt cheap. Unfortunately, Vaxna did set off their ship’s alarm while trying to gain access, but we still got our ride. They told us to meet them at 9 in the morning.

In the morning we loaded up and headed to Teemo‘s palace. Oz sent off a message to confuse and hopefully draw out some of Teemo’s goons. There was a slight delay in landing, but we got there and let the unloading process go as normal. Vaxna then took out the turret guard, and the assault began. Valayne, Hussk and me hit the two guards and dropped them before they could sound the alarm. We moved into the cargo area and cleared out the servants that were working the loading bay. We then rushed the communications room, guns a blazing. I learned an important lesson about guns, don’t shot your own hand. It stings.

After we secured the communications center, Oz started slicing through their systems. The rest of us headed for the throne room to have our showdown. Hussk was looking forward to this, that Trandoshan that tied me up in my own ship was there, Kickface. Hussk started a fight at the bar that quickly spread. A Gand, or rather the Gand from the party last night stepped out from behind Teemo with one of those new Gnosian guns and started shooting. We tried to fight back, but between the Gand, Kickface, Teemo and his guards, the fight did not go particularly well. We all got out alive, but it was a real close thing. Hussk carted four of us out of the building on a hover cart. That single action on his part is what save our careers and lives, if you believe the rumors.

They decided to high-tail it back to Ryloth and the resistance. They helped us find a shady doc with some bacta tanks and we recovered a bit. We payed Wex and Orpah 2000 credits for their help at the palace, and payed off the doctor. Our ship fund took a hit but Vaxna donated some of her share to replenish it a bit. We learned that the Hutts had put an assassination order out on us for the attempted assassination of Teemo, which is ridiculous. We sent some of the information Oz got out of Teemo’s system to Duke Pittock and fixed relations with him. After that came the fun part, dealing with the Hutts. Pittock got us a better contact number for us to get information through to Jabba, he believed us and did what he would do with Teemo. He lifted the assassination order and made Teemo pay him much more. As such, Teemo couldn’t afford the Bounty on our heads and had to take it down. So, for the time being, Teemo has been dealt with.

I’m trying to think of what lessons I should take away from this little escapade, other than Teemo is a jerk. Looking back, there was a fair amount of violence, I may need to work on my marksmanship a little. After all, if I can stun the people that are trying to kill us better, some of the others of our group won’t need to kill them quite so much. It’s for their own good. Who should I ask for some pointers though, Hussk? Vaxna? Valyne? Other than that… I’ll have to see if Oz did record that assault on Teemo’s palace and review those vids. We didn’t have much of a plan going in, and I can’t help but feel that things may have gone smoother if we had. The trouble is, I don’t know that anyone in this group is all that well suited for tactics and such. I may just have to take on the role of mastermind…

Ipanah's Diary 35:08:26
Rival Hives

Lesson one, never take a Trandoshan to a fancy party. We spent a few days in Newmeen making sure the miners got settled into their new buildings, then we hauled a load of ryll and Bu’ra’bon back to Nabot. When we got close we could see all sorts of ships landing and unloading, it was shopping time! Before we could get to far though, Vaxana spotted someone watching us, a Kubaz. Oz suggested killing him.

We wandered about the market place for a little while, I got a shiny new ionization blaster and modded up my stun gun for longer range! Now we’ll be ready for anything! Hussk unloaded those nasty pelts, while he and Valayne upgraded their guns as well. Bu’ra’bon took us back to see Myn afterwards and she was happy to see us. She had another surprise, a Bothan by the name of Othar had come to see us. He revealed that Teemo had put out a 50,000 credit bounty on us on the big time bounty hunter network! 50,000 credits! Because he stole our ship and then tried to kill us repeatedly! He should be the one with the bounty on his head! Jerk.

Anyway, Othar had a plan to get us out from under the bounty, and maybe even get that money ourselves. I’m sure he’s no fan of Teemo, who could be? But, this seems a little suspicious to me. On the other hand… VENGEANCE! We need to set an example, show what happens to people who mess with other people’s ships. Hopefully without killing him. Othar said something about disgracing him completely, and doing that may be a fate worse than death among the Hutts.

In short his plan is to mess in the affairs of the Geonosians that Teemo is trying to partner with to get guns. A Duke Dimoc, a rival of Pittock. Othar wants us to find out why Pittock backed out of his dealings and convince Dimoc to do the same. Pittock is throwing a party to celebrate the opening of a new cantina, and he invited Othar’s representatives to do a little dealing.

We talked with Myn a bit after Othar left and she seems to trust the guy. We told her a little about what was going on and she had a cover for us that we needed to cover our cover of being Othar’s arms dealers covering the fact that we are actually wanted bounties. So, we headed for the party with some nasty foodstuffs that Geonosians are always importing. Pretending to being arms dealers pretending to being food dealers we walked into Pittock’s new cantina.

The duke was easy enough to spot, he was the only prominent Geonosian there. There was also a human female in all sorts of fancy attire, a younger male and female human, a male sulistan, a gand, and a toydarian. We introduced ourselves to Pittock, and he came to chat with us soon enough. Hussk and Doc went with him into a private alcove. Oz wouldn’t let me go along. I sat at the table and took in the atmosphere. Vaxana wandered about the room, she talked briefly with the pair of humans. Turns out they’re freetraders from Coruscant. Vaxana convinced them that we were boring.

After Hussk and Doc came back, they said it didn’t go perfectly, but they probably got what we needed. Hussk went to chat up the fancy lady and I was bored so I tagged along. Oz followed me. Turns out she’s researching the Geonosian social structure… and didn’t seem all that interested in talking to us. So me ‘n Oz went to talk some shop with the freetraders. Their names are Wex and Orpa, and they fly the ’Lucky Guess’ a Nova Courier. Between the two of us, we got them to confess that they were running some cargo over to Teemo in the morning, but they’re not big fans of working for him. Also, Wex suggested a hyperdrive upgrade to the Pintotl.

It seems Hussk tried again to talk to the fancy lady without our help this time. I don’t think it went very well (how could it? We weren’t there to help.) He made some fairly rude comments loud enough for all to hear and then headed back to the ship. I got a drink to go and followed, everyone else left as well.

We got back to the ship and the guns Hussk and Doc had ordered for Myn’s group and the company were waiting with a merchant. He took our food as well, but he didn’t look all that excited about it. Othar called and checked in to see how things went, and we filled him in. He said there is a ship heading for Teemo’s in the morning and depending on how things go with Dimoc, we might be able to hitch a ride and give a big surprise to Ol’ Teemo himself.

Ipanah's Diary 35:08:23
Mining on Ryloth

I’m beginning to like Teemo less and less, and he didn’t start off very high. After our narrow escape from the Empire, we had a lot to do around the ship. I found the closest place to repair and refuel, Ryloth the Twi’lek homeworld. Oz shut down that periodic transmission, but it sent out a burst transmission as he did so. After that was done, Oz, Vaxna and I checked out the ship to see what the horrible Teemo had done to it. Doc Lamarto and Valayne talked with Trex’s Twi’lek prisoner. He didn’t like Hussk around, so Hussk worked on that smell that was permeating the ship.

The ship was a horrible mess, entire chunks had been replace and rewired! They changed out the entire computer core! It looks like they were even running cables to install a second gun turret, but not very well according to Oz. Oz was getting distracted by all the alterations and damage that Vaxna and I split up to finish checking out the ship. We found more damage and lots of extra stuff strewn about. Vaxna found the one escape pod change into a workshop with lots of parts and notably, droid parts. Oz suspects that with a little work, we could make an astromech, R2 unit. I found all of my stuff cleared out of my room! Trex had dumped my whole fleet in a box labled ‘junk’ in the cargo bay! He’d replaced it with a nasty Wampa skin rug. I chucked it outside, I think Hussk claimed it.

The Twi’lek turns out to need our help past just a rescue from Trex the vandalizing jerk. He’s part of a mining operation on Ryloth and just for rescuing us he can offer repairs and refueling for Pintotl; but if our organization would help out with a problem they have he is sure a deal could be worked out. Doc is our company man, he gave the Twi’lek a mostly clean bill of health and a promise to contact the organization one we landed and got some more details.

We set off to Ryloth, and after scanning for any Imperial presence, I landed where our Twi’lek directed me. His crew began checking out our ship with Oz ‘n me keeping an eye on them. Doc and Valyene went to call HQ while Vaxna and Hussk went to sell the sundries that Trex had left in our cargo bays (6000 credits!). We regrouped and went to talk to the mining coalition. We met with a woman who is leading the group. She said that someone had bought up all the land around the mining claim under the guise of ’developing’ it, but nothing was ever done. Well, nothing along those lines. They got plenty of harassment and unexplained accidents. Doc took the deal provisionally and she asked us to run our Twi’lek friend out to the mine to get their moral back up. We broke for the night while they rounded up a speeder truck.

In morning we hopped in the speeder truck and headed towards the mine. It was a nice machine… other than the annoying autopilot that make the first part of the trip boring as anything. Thankfully once we got outside the city a little ways things got more interesting. I got to take over and weave that truck through the rocks. That was great! Until someone shot us and spun out of control, that was awesome! I pulled it through two full 360° spins before gently settling it safely into a sandbank. The front was smoking a bit, but Oz shouldn’t have any problem fixing it.

As the dust settled, a few figures emerged from a cave in the cliff face. They claimed to be Imperial troops and that we should surrender. Yeah, sure they were… I considered shouting at them that they should be the ones surrendering, but I didn’t get the chance. Hussk, Valyene, and Vaxna were hitting them hard. I only got a shot or two in before they were running away back into the cave with their tails between their legs. We collapsed the cave so they couldn’t bug us for a little while. I helped Oz fix up the truck and we were on our way again.

We drove into the mining camp, I can’t call it a town, and the people there all eyed us uneasily. They were all Twi’lek and brightened visibly when they saw our friend that we were bringing back. We consulted in a big tent that they set up for us to figure out what our next move was going to be when we heard a loud crash from outside. Three drunk men (two humans and an aqualish) had driven a large construction vehicle into one of the tents damaging it and the family’s moisture condenser.

They saw us watching and asked if we had a problem with them, then stated that they were going to take our truck. Hussk answered them with a stun grenade. They fell over. The miners didn’t waste any time in collecting them and their armaments. We had a little debate as to our next course of action while Oz fixed the condenser using the radiator of the construction vehicle. The construction workers had a little pre-fab town about five minutes away by speeder, and they might send reinforcements when this group doesn’t report back. In the end it was getting late and we just decided to get some rest. The miners were keeping watch, so we got a little shut-eye.

I woke up when Hussk blew the horn on the construction vehicle. Apparently the construction boss tried to contact his guys over the radio and Hussk had answered. They were apparently on their way. Valayne whipped some of the miners into shape and we all got into positions. Two more construction vehicles showed up soon enough with a total of nine more guys on them. We waited until they crossed the property line and then Hussk and Valyne disabled their vehicles. The two construction vehicles slammed into each other and all the workers got thrown off, sprawling all across the ground.

It was relatively short work after that. They didn’t put up that much resistance and they were shortly dealt with. Afterwards Hussk made a deal with the remaining workers, help haul their prefab town back to the miner’s camp and we’d haul them back to down and let them go. They revealed they had been hired by that jerk Teemo to harass the miners for a decent amount of money. Oz was able to crack their boss’ computer and find two messages that sounded fairly ominous.

Ipanah's Diary 35:08:21
Trouble in Mos Suuta

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I do not like this dust rock! The very first mission we’ve got with the new crew of course ends in nearly complete and utter disaster! The new crew seems nice enough; there’s Vaxna a Farghul (don’t see to many of those around) specializing in retrieving objects, Hussk a Trandoshan specializing in ‘Life and death’ as he put it once I think, Valayne a Chiss (whatever that is) who specializes in… I’m not quite sure what she seems a bit distant (I’ll have to fix that), and Doc a Ryn who specializes in fixing up people (at the rate we’re going Doc ’n me are going to be getting to know each other a lot better).

Anyway, crappy job. Well, the actual job didn’t go to badly; we landed in Mos Shuuta, did what we came to do and were about to leave when we found out that stupid Teemo the Hutt had stolen my our Tena’s my ship! The system claimed that we were contractors working for Teemo, and he’d locked us down and out! On top of that he ordered some off his Gamorrean goons to chase us through the already sweltering hot streets waving clubs and axes around!

We ducked into the cantina to hide and everybody scattered. Valayne leapt into the rafters, Vaxana sat with a group of customers, Oz dashed for the supply closet behind the bar, Doc slid into the shadows of an empty booth while Hussk got the Twi’lek dancer off the stage into his lap. What the heck, that left me an opening in plain sight. I jumped on the stage and picked up where the Twi’lek left off, it was perfect, I could watch everything from there and be ready for trouble. Then the thugs burst through the door.

They headed straight for Vaxana, but she, Hussk and Valayne got some excellent shots in at them. I went to pull my blaster, but realized I may have gotten a little to into the exotic dancing role. My blaster was laying on the stage amid some of my other attire. I retrieved it while Oz came out from the store room and joined in the fray. Two attacked me after I shot one of them, and I don’t remember much past that other than quite a bit of pain until the noise had calmed down and someone had jabbed me with a stimpak.

The bartender seemed to know who we were and that Teemo was after us. He also told us that those dirty, stinking, stupid Gamorreans had broke my ship! I was all for marching in to Teemo and giving him a piece of my mind! We were now going to have to go to the junkyard to get a part, and hope they had it and that we could afford it. We couldn’t. Apparently Teemo had already put a hold on the only one the junkman had, and the junkman didn’t seem to go for the idea that we were from Teemo here to pick it up. He wanted more that 500 credits for the thing! We didn’t have that kind of money, yet. As usual Oz wouldn’t let me talk some sense into the junkman, so I went outside.

We tossed around a few ideas, but in the end Vaxana walked out of the shop and tossed the thing to Oz. Go Vaxana! To the ship and off this horrible rock! Oz and Vax got the maintenance entrance open to the docking bay. There were two droids standing at the bottom of the ramp to my ship, Vaxana tried to sneak in to scout the lay of the land, when she bumped a spanner from toolbox. The droids noticed her and demanded identification. I rushed in and gave them mine. It is my ship! They alerted the authorities that someone was trying to steal the ship, and told us to wait for them. Good. I figured I’d give them a piece of my mind as well, it was my ship and they knew it! Vaxana didn’t seem as eager to stick around. That is when we noticed the docking clamps were active. They would have to be shut off from the main spaceport office.

The others raced over there to undo the clamps, while Oz and I stayed with the ship and the droids to distract the authorities and make sure to have the ship ready to get out of here the second they got back. After a little bit the docking clamps release and I made a dash for the door. The droids shot me! Can you believe it? I stumbled on the ship feeling a bit woozy, but triumphant. Once I had gotten onto the bridge I’d turn on the power and and we’d be ready to get out of here.

At the top of the ladder I noticed the large gun barrel pointing at me. I also noticed the ugly Trandoshan holding the gun, he smiled, I glared at him. Who did this guy think he was? Waltzing about my ship as if he owned it, I was going to show him a thing or two. He tossed me a pair of restraints and tied me up in my own chair! Well, technically it was the system operations chair, not the pilot’s chair, but that’s irrelevant. On top of that, he just left then! Left me there! As soon as he was gone I started working my way out of his bindings.

The next thing I remembered was Valayne waking me up, and what sounded like someone falling down the ramp. They said it was time to go, and I couldn’t agree more. No one responded at the spaceport office to give me take off clearance, Hussk said they were busy or something and to just take off anyway. So I did, take off was a little shaky, I was still coming around and my head hurt for some reason. Once we were clear (and not blowing up Teemo’s palace for some strange reason), we heard a call for takeoff clearance, and also go no response. Apparently someone had landed in the other docking bay.

We saw the other ship take off from the second docking bay and storm troopers swarmed over the spaceport office. Sounded like something bad had happened to the people in there and now they were after us! To bad for them, we were already on our way out and away. I then spotted another ship on sensors, an Imperial frigate that started spewing out TIE fighters and interceptors. Crap. Hopefully Oz got the hyperdrive fixed. We are going to need it. I’m not letting this happen again. Otherwise, I’m sorry Tena, this business venture may not have worked out and I may not be able to get you your money.

Why does no one ever listen to me?! Now we’re on the Empire’s hit list! Yes, arguably they shot first, but still… I don’t think the Empire is going to care about that. sigh We got off Tatooine, and ran straight into the Empire. They came for us and we ran. I tried convince everyone to not kill the pilots and destroy more imperial property, but no…. three pilots and TIE fighters vaporized. They were shooting at us and the ship… but they were just doing their job? Right? I don’t know. What’s done is done, I’ll have to worry about the repercussions later.

We jumped out to nowhere in space, and I started running calculations to jump again when the control panel began going berserk and a horrible smell permeated the air systems. Multiple alerts came up. Problem one, we’re nearly out of gas. Problem two, we have a load of Wookie skins on board. Problem three, we have a mystery guest aboard as well. People went out in search of our guest and mysterious cargo while I looked for the closest fueling station. Hopefully there is something nearby.


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