The Sa Nalaor

Hard Facts

  • Munificent-class frigate
  • Under the command of one Captain Harsol


  • The Banking Clan frigate carried thousands of battle droids but only a small crew of fifty living beings.
  • It is a legendary treasure ship from the Clone Wars commonly used in cons for selling bogus info to naive seekers.
  • Rumored sightings range from Cholganna to other nearby systems such as Troika, Tooma, and Drongar.
  • The Imperials once put such a high bounty on the ship that a half-dozen scout services pursued it for two years before giving up. The Imperials dropped the bounty when a new ISB agent took over the case.
  • The Yiyar Clan has also been asking about the ship since the hyperspace pod was discovered.
  • The Yiyar Clan is threatening and warning away anyone who even mentions the hyperspace pod.

The Sa Nalaor

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