Ipanah Trill

Awesomeist pilot ever


SW Sheet

Ipanah stands about 5’ 9" tall with a light build. Her main skin coloring is a darker, reddish-orange, and her eyes are a vibrant green. She wears worn, practical clothing, nothing terribly flattering. She is (or at least claims to be) 28 years old.
She ‘owns’ the Ghtroc 720, and looks forward to the day she pays off the loan and can take the ‘’ marks off the owns bit of that sentence. She’s been running it with her partner (in business) Ogz’sed “Oz” Nedig long enough to find out that she doesn’t have much of a head for business. Apart from that she’s outgoing, friendly, adventurous, free-spirited, mildly obsessive about her model ship collection, and loves to play Dejarik… though she’s never won a game. Well, there was that one game on Voss, but she was pretty sure the miner had let her win, so she doesn’t count it.

She’ll run any cargo to any destination, but she doesn’t consider herself to be a ‘smuggler’, as she is a terrible lair. She’s been piloting ships for more than a few years, but she has only fairly recently started up with her own ship. So far things are going… interestingly. In short, she’s all about seeing new places, exploring new things and having adventure!


Ipanah was born 27 BBY on the colony of Kiros. When she was eight years old, the Separatists came to occupy Kiros, and with the rest of her people she was taken to Zygerria to be sold into slavery, and from there to Kadavo. The Rebulic sent Jedi to save them, but they were not entirely successful. Her parents were cast into the planet’s volcanic vents as an example to the Jedi. During the ‘rescue’ she also lost her right arm.

When she got home there wasn’t much left for her. She’d lost her parents and her arm, so she bounced from remaining family member, to remaining family member. The colonists were working to recover from the Kadavo incident as well, and decided to put aside their pacifism. They made a loose alliance with the Republic and received weapons and training from the Republic troopers. This change didn’t sit well with Ipanah, she decided to stick with the path of non-violence.

Two years later, the Republic became the Empire. That really did not sit well with her. It wasn’t bad at first, but things got worse and worse. She began her own personal rebellion small, some minor civil disobedience. She ran into a group with a similar thoughts, The Wild Boys, and joined with them. In truth they started out as little more than a high school debate club trying to be a street gang, but that started to change after a Devaronian named Melus became the group’s leader.

Melus slowly pushed them into doing more significant opposition. They would harass troops whenever they could get away with it, he’d have them do some petty larceny against the Empire’s presence, even a little light slicing. All this was intermixed with good deeds for the locals, in the name of ‘protesting the oppression of the common sentient by an overreaching government’.

Melus had continued to escalate their activities so when she was 16, the authorities finally cracked down on their group, hard. Most were caught and processed as criminals. Ipanah and a pair of Twi’lek siblings ran and hid, they stayed one step ahead of the Empire for nearly a year; living on scraps anywhere they could eek out an existence. It was a rough year for Ipanah, Zak and Ruflya. Zak was the oldest of the three, and did his best to keep them going. Ruflya was a little younger than Ipanah and didn’t care for the Togruta much, there had been something of a petty rivalry before, but the conditions of their situation tended to really fan the flames.

Soon after Ipanah turned 17, they were found out. None of them knew what had happened, how the authorities had found them. Ipanah made a narrow escape while Zak distracted them. She never knew what happened to Zak or Ruflya, but hoped they had escaped. They had been hiding out near a spaceport, so she made for the crowds so she could disappear and meet up with them at their rendezvous point. There were troops everywhere she looked and finally hid in a container to wait until night. The container was loaded onto a trade ship while she was waiting, and the ship took off into the void.

It did not take long for the captain Thass Janger of the Feral Bantha to find her. More accurately, Ogz’sed Nedig, the ship’s Verpine mechanic found her. Captain Janger took pity on her though and put her to work on the ship until it completed it’s run and could return to Kiros. She decided to stay on the ship, there was really nothing more for her on Kiros anymore. Her immediate family was gone, her extended family hadn’t been any part of her life since she was 12, The Wild Boys were hunted and disbanded. Ipanah decided to start over.

The crew consisted of Captain Janger (pilot and businessman), Nox (Operations and gunnery), and of course Oz (mechanic). She spent the first year or two just learning everything she could about the ship and how it worked. Janger had her do every job on board to see where her skills were. It turns out she took to piloting like a Gungan to water. She was even better at it after the crew all pitched in for her one year anniversary on board and bought her a new right arm. Janger was not a very good pilot, so she took over, once she had surpassed his skill (which didn’t take long). She spent about ten years on the ship learning how they work and honing her piloting skill. She could fly circles around most other pilots on the trade lines when she and Oz set out on their own.

The end of her time on the Bantha was a sudden thing. Emergency alarms started sounding, and Captain Janger rushed Ipanah and Oz into one of the escape pods. He told them to wait a week, but if they didn’t hear anything than to assume the worst. He closed the pod and shot them towards the nearest planet. As they left range, they could see two larger ships closing in on the ship they had just left behind. The Bantha had mainly been an honest independent trade ship, but they had taken the occasional illicit cargo from time to time. Had that kind of business caught up to Captain Janger?

They landed and waited the allotted time without hearing anything. Decided to take matters into their own hands, they looked for work on another ship, but Janger’s reputation wouldn’t get them on any purely honest ship and the other ships they found did not seem as promising. So, they contacted an old friend of Janger’s, Tena Ney. Tena runs a shipyard on Randon, and offered Ipanah and Oz a deal on one of the ships she had sitting around gathering dust. They could use it to run jobs and such, and work to pay it off.

Ipanah Trill

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