Farghul Thief


Vaxna is a slim felinoid with brown hair and green eyes. She is twenty-six years old. As yet, the party knows very little about her aside from the fact that she has been with The Organization for a while and is known to be able to ‘retrieve’ objects and sometimes even information from places that should be secure from such retrievals. She has not outright admitted to any of them that she is a thief, but if asked directly, she does not deny it and just sort of purrs a little.

She is friendly and personable and will readily converse on a wide variety of topics with the other members of the group, though she somehow never brings up any personal information without seeming like she is avoiding doing so. She enjoys a good round of sabacc, and has a weakness for shuura fruit which she describes as ‘the sweet nectar of the gods’. It is yet undetermined if this phrase is an indication of her religion or merely a figurative expression to indicate that she really really likes shuura fruit.


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